Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Morning Thoughts

REAL catblogging. via Near Mint Heroes.

How to make a soft-boiled egg cake. I kind of want to try it... via Boing Boing.

Need to do an update on Fintan Studios. The next TPB is coming out in July: the forgotten: charitable causes. I really enjoyed the first trade, about a superhero who could make people forget about himself. I'll be hunting down this one, too. Oh yeah, and their page works fine on the latest Mozilla now.

Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber have posted their Wizard World LA Con Report, a joint effort. My thoughts after reading it? People were taking this Galactus thing way too seriously. And I collect HeroClix, so I understand the appeal.

RE: Today's Doonesbury. I don't think I've ever seen BD without a helmet on before.