Monday, October 27, 2003

Random Thoughts

New at Marta's Livejournal: Hermione gets her cat. Marta's gone back to the older books for a break from the latest one.

A young man jumped in front of a truck to save his friend, and now has a Harry Potterish scar on his forehead.

Mark Evanier has the scoop on the new Dr. Seuss stamp.

Wow. And I mean, WOW. I wish I could afford these, because WOW. via Neil Gaiman

Franklin Harris makes me glad I didn't pick up the Superman/Batman series. I never intended to, though I was mildly tempted. Seems I chose wisely.

Is it just me, or does Pop Culture Gadabout always take at least two minutes to load? It's too good a blog to not read, but it always loads so slow... I hope it's just a symptom of me running old software on my ancient computer, but it still irks me.

Life in Middle Earth is better with the internet. via Unqualified Offerings

Big Sunny D has a pleasant lovefest for his favorite comic book: Hellboy. The only Hellboy story I have read is the Pancakes story he mentions at the end, and I loved it. I've avoided Hellboy mostly because I'm not a big fan of Mike Mignola's artwork (although I've noticed that's changing as I grow older). As if Big Sunny D's thoughts aren't enough, PvPonline has a little tribute, too. This entry is for Carol.

I cleaned under my bed today, after leaving it for far, far too long. I'm now a dust bunny mass murderer. That's why I was interested when The Modulator linked to a picture of a dust bunny. *giggle* (and here are more)

Paul got to meet Bruce Campbell! Cool.

Since everyone else is linking to Atrios, I thought I'd link to a bit on his site about some charter schools that failed.