Monday, November 17, 2003

Random Thoughts

Wow. A story about learning how to read with The Wizard of Oz, which I'm sure my hubby will appreciate, being a massive Oz fan. But Ron, it's L. Frank Baum. L. was his first initial. It stood for "Lyman", which is why he went by "Frank" his whole life. I don't blame him.

Marta has put up a couple of sketches from Prisoner of Azkaban. First one is of Harry and Lupin in Lupin's office, the second is Hermione trying to explain why divination is crap.

More on the e-voting problem. I can only think of two reasons why people would not support a paper trail: 1) They don't understand computers well enough, so are overconfident or 2) They want the ability to fix an election. I tend to lean towards thinking the people who don't support a paper audit trail are in the first camp. But ignorance is no excuse. This problem needs to be addressed.

Franklin Harris makes some bold predictions, including that Aquaman won't survive until the end of next year. I'm thinking he's probably wrong about that. If I didn't know Will Pfeifer was taking over, I might find myself agreeing, but I think once people see what Gleason and Pfeifer do with Aquaman, opinions will change for awhile, and Aquaman will stay afloat. It'll be at least 2005 before Aquaman is in danger of cancellation again. That's my prediction.

Speaking of Will Pfeifer, Jim Henley reviews several comics and calls H-E-R-O #10 "One of the better recent Astro City stories." Very interesting. I hadn't thought of it that way myself, but I definitely see it now.

Dirk Deppey links to All the Rage, which I'm only linking to because of the CrossGen news about halfway down the page. Basically, it really doesn't look good for fans of CrossGen. It sounds like it's not just freelancers who aren't getting paid. All the Rage also has a bit on Powers, including that it will be relaunched as volume two soon.

As far as Dirk Deppey and ¡Journalista! goes, you might as well just read his whole column this morning and visit most of his links. He's got a lot to say today, and almost all of it is of interest to me, so any comics fan ought to check it out.

Grotesque Anatomy looks at Previews reviewers and points out that I'm the only one who still seems happy with Previews. I just have perfected my filters, I guess, since I'm not reacting to Previews like Doane does, despite having to pay more for it, too. Truth is, I've always had a love/hate, mostly hate, relationship with Previews. I like the fact that I know I will get what I want when I preorder because I have a good store. I hate the fact that the industry is set up so I need to preorder to make sure I get the odd stuff that deserves a try. If the industry were healthy, I wouldn't need to preorder. It's not healthy, and I've done what I, personally, can to change that (giving comics to friends and children, handing out comics for Halloween). So I live with the status quo and endure. That's all a fangirl can do.

Also visit Grotesque Anatomy's look at mainstream coverage of comics. Good stuff there.

Is anyone surprised that Namor has been cancelled? The book was aimed at the wrong audience. It's not a shock to me.

And lastly. Every morning lately I've been clicking on my Amazon Honor System link and looking at the $10 that's in there. I know you all are going to think this is pathetic, but every time I look at it I grin and feel my spirits lifting. Somebody actually cares enough to donate a little to help me out. I hope that I can someday pay it forward, and give somebody else the same kind of lift. Speaking of the fund, current BBBB Computer Fund Total: $10.00 - Number of "Blue Screens" yesterday: 1