Saturday, April 17, 2004

Random Thoughts

Oh my. It's The Electric Company Digital Archive. Including the pinball counting clip. Which I thought was from Sesame Street.

Kaja Foglio has the latest on the status of Girl Genius and "secret project #1".

24 Hours Comics is coming...

Ode to Half Price Books. When we lived in Redmond (yes, the home of the evil empire), we had a Half Price Books within easy walking distance. Every once in awhile I'd find comic books there, too. Good times.

Curse you, Elayne, you've addicted me to another on-line game... Bookworm. Elayne also points out these unlikely campaign posters (note, they are not childsafe).

Um. Cats and Bunnies, via Metafilter.

Stealing an election using electronic voting may be even easier than previously thought, if you work out just how few votes need to be changed. Again, insist on a paper trail. If there is not paper trail, it's not a real election, it's a sham. via Boing Boing.

From the NY Times (registration required): 9/11 Files Show Warnings Were Urgent and Persistent. An excerpt: "The new information produced by the commission so far has led 6 of its 10 members to say or suggest that the attacks could have been prevented". Ok, when you've got 6 members of a bi-partisan panel saying the attacks could have been prevented, I begin to believe they might be right. I still think that the arrogance of our government simply didn't allow them to accept that such attacks could happen, thus making it impossible to stop, but the more I hear about the warnings that Bush received, the more I wonder if the man has any brain at all.

Speaking of the 9/11 commission... a member is receiving death threats because of a memo that might have had a tiny bit to do with the problems that eventually led to the intelligence failure. Lovely. I'm beginning to believe that there is a group of thugs who masquerade as Republicans trying to take over this country.

Is it just me or are lots of blogspot sites turning into gibberish partly down the page? I noticed it in particular while searching Iraqi blogs for news, but I'm seeing it on other sites, too.