Thursday, July 29, 2004

More Trippin'

The highway signs in California now have milepost numbers on them, making it a whole lot easier to give directions... if anyone knew what the numbers were. But the change seems to be fairly recent, if the look of the signs is any indication, and no directions we got had exit numbers. Anyone from California know when the change was made?

Speaking of mileposts and exits, according to the last exit on I-5 in California, I-5 runs about 796 miles from start to finish in California, and 308 miles in Oregon. More useless trivia for you.

When you go to Asilomar, you see this sign right at the entrance:

We looked and looked for Mountain Lions, but we only saw one candidate the entire time we were there. That particular wildcat wandered around searching for people to come and pet it and posing for anyone with a camera. I swear the beastie must be former Hollywood:

What else to tell you about? You've already seen my picture of Aquaman on the Asilomar beach. I also snagged a few pictures of the flowers on the sides of the paths. I'll post those later, as I need Random Thought images. You know it's traditional to post pictures of flowers.

I didn't take many images in the dealers room. Just enough to show that Eric was indeed selling the books he promised to sell (note to Eric: you don't have to volunteer). I also got a good picture of a special creation by Eric's co-author Karyl Carlson:

Yes, it's a FLYING SOCK MONKEY!!!!! If you want to get a Karyl Creation, contact her through her website or my husband's site for her dolls. Be sure to mention me. If I refer enough people to her, it'll make me feel better about her giving me the Flying Sock Monkey for free...

Ok. Next post about the weekend will cover the Winchester Mystery House, so I'd better get the images ready. This may take awhile.