Saturday, July 17, 2004

Random Thoughts

WOW! I didn't realize Mike Wieringo was blogging again... nor that he'd posted a link to my blog complete with a really cool Aquaman sketch! No permalinks, but if you scroll down to July 15th you'll see it. *UPDATE* Yes, he does have permalinks, just not visible... here's the Aquaman post. I don't know how long the link will be good, so check it out soon.

Speaking of Aquaman, Polite Dissent medically reviews Aquaman #19, and Aquaman #19 doesn't fare too well.

And in some more Aquaman news, I've updated the Aquaman Chronicles page on my website with information about the latest issue. If you have any interest in getting one of the coolest fanzines around, check it out. John Schwirian puts an amazing amount of work into this fanzine, and it shows.

In non-Aquaman news:

Slashdot covers Olympic coverage in the US. reviewers review My Pet Goat. Via Metafilter.

At first I hated the new blogger changes, but then I discovered that a) if I set it to "Edit HTML" it works just like the old interface and b) it publishes even though it doesn't ever say it is published. I can live with it.