Monday, December 20, 2004

Random Thoughts

Eh, it's a good time to revisit The Girl Genius list pointed me to this cat, which I enjoyed, so go enjoy the whole site, if you dare. (naughty language warning).

Don't miss the PVP Christmas.

Links to Penny Postcards, including a bunch from Seattle. I particularly liked part of Seattle from an aeroplane, though the waterfront at night looks good, too.

Kaja Foglio writes of many things, including, but not limited to: the crud that will not die, being married to a famous artist, the Girl Genius movie, Cheyenne and Savannah doing Rocky and Bullwinkle, and L Frank Baum.

Rachel Hartman moves into another phase of motherhood.

Harry Potter release date to be announced extremely soon. Maybe even before I post this, who knows?

Mike Sterling is giving away Swamp Thing, so be sure to let him know why you want it. I have a book to give away, too, but I think I'll wait until after Christmas.

Fascinating article on applying sabermetrics to football.

You can order M&M's printed with messages.