Monday, March 28, 2005

More Rapid Reviews

Y: The Last Man - One Small Step: Two more men survived, and Yorick is on his way to meet them. This one includes two stories, and starts with the astronauts. It ends with a traveling theater troupe doing a play about the last man, inspired by Ampersand's appearance. I liked the first arc, but the second one mostly left me cold, despite some nice guest artwork. Still no clues as to what killed the men, but that's got to be addressed pretty soon, I'm sure. It can only be drawn out until the group reaches California, at the minimum. 2 1/2 starfish

Invincible: Eight Is Enough: This volume, as a collection, is much more disjointed than the first, which didn't exactly flow freely itself. The characters are fun, though, and seeing yet another Aquaman/Namor tribute was amusing as well. A mystery is built up in this collection that isn't resolved, which is slightly annoying, but makes perfect sense for an ongoing. Overall, not as good as the first collection, but still something fun to read. 3 starfish

The Fixer by Joe Sacco. Neven is a native of Sarajevo, and fought in its defense during the siege. But just what is Neven, really? This is a good one for people who don't understand Sacco's books to take a look at. You get the reality behind the type of journalism that Sacco does (not to mention other types of journalism). You also see that what is being reported by Sacco is what he's hearing from his sources, and there is some issue as to whether or not those sources are reliable. Even if Neven is making stuff up, this book is a fascinating look into the mind of a tormented and torn people. Well worth a read. 3 1/2 starfish