Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Greetings on Memorial Day.

My wish for this Memorial Day is that we never again have a president who takes us to war for a good cause, then before finishing that war turns around and lies to take us into another completely unjust, illegal, and immoral war. May we never again have a president who so casually wastes the lives of American soldiers, people who have volunteered to protect us. May we never again have a president who stretches our military to the breaking point by fighting two wars at once... and losing both of them through sheer incompetence and disgusting greed.

My God protect and guide our soldiers, on whatever battlefield they stand. May He protect them from harm, and prevent them from making mistakes. May He bring them back home safe to their families and friends. May He punish those who lied to send them to Iraq. May He destroy the enemies of America and Freedom, whether they be terrorists or presidents. God bless our soldiers, who have pledged their very lives to protect this nation. And please God, punish our enemies, who have lied us into war.


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