Monday, June 13, 2005

Flipping Through Previews...

Yes, it's that time again... time for "Things in Previews That Look Interesting But I Can't Afford To Get (with a list of things I am getting just for contrast)". I'm going to start with the bulk of the book, and then come back and cover the "big four" at the end. Please remember, I'm listing what looks interesting. My actual purchase list is going to be much smaller. The numbers after each title are usually the page number in Previews Magazine, so you can follow along at home.

Let's start with the covers. I'm naturally way more interested in the back cover, as it features Aquaman. The front cover is intriguing, with a mosaic pattern that lends a lot of style to it.

Moving on, let's hit the Splash Page (8-9). There's actually nothing that jumps out and grabs me from these pages. So I think I'll just move on.

Wizard (190-197) has the usual junk. Nothing new here.

So into the Featured Items (198-201) I wander. After reading the 25 cent Red Sonja, I have no interest whatsoever in the Red Sonja book from Dynamite Entertainment. There's a book of "Dr. Seuss"'s early work, and that sure looks tempting. If I had the cash to spare, I'd certainly snag the Dennis The Menace book and the Uncle Scrooge book. I think I'd probably get Bone Sharps, Cowboys and Thunder Lizards as well. I'm not sure I'd want the new Star Trek collection, but I think I'm glad they are being collected.

Moving into the bulk of the comics...

Nothing of interest for me until I hit AiT/Planet Lar (210). Electric Girl vol 3 is definitely on my wish list, and I like the sound of Full Moon Fever. I mean... werewolves on the moon? Definitely something to look out for. So that one goes on the wish list as well.

Next up is Alias (210-220), which will be a force to be reckoned with if it keeps its books out on time. For hubby-Eric and I, it looks like Opposite Forces is a likely buy, and maybe Pakkin's Land, although I didn't really enjoy the first issue.

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor hits me over the head with Rex Libris (221, 223) which sounds almost funny enough to try out sight unseen. Alas, money problems will keep me from seeing this book.

Antarctic Press (224-229) will keep getting some of out money every month as long as they keep publishing Oz: The Manga. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this one, as I'm curious to see the old familiar story in a new style.

I'm being a wee bit picky this month on who I even mention, which is why the next publisher I'm hitting is Checker Book Publishing (254-255). Not only do they have the Seuss book I previously mentioned: Theodor Seuss Geisel: Early Works Vol 1, they also have Star Trek: The Key Collection Vol 4, which hubby-Eric and I have been getting from the start.

Ooooh... I see Quicken Forbidden (257) from Cryptic Press. I'd really like to get this one... if only I knew which issues were in the trades, I might consider it.

Moving ever onward... Dork Storm Press (277) is next with Nodwick #30. Once I discovered how much I enjoy Aaron Williams work, it became a no-brainer that I should keep getting his stuff.

Skipping over some stuff that will get attention from other folks, the next book I'm going to mention is Thieves & Kings from I Box Publishing (292).

I suspect I won't get IDW Publishing's book Spike: Old Times (296) even though it's written by Peter David, but I think I'll continue to get Angel: The Curse (299).

Whoa... I almost missed it. There's another Wizard of Oz adaptation, coming from Penguin Group's Puffin Graphics (312). I'll have to see if hubby-Eric wants to snag this one.

Amelia Rules is apparently back with issue #14 (314). We'll see if it makes it to the shelves this time.

Speakeasy Comics (318-324) is up for review again. I'm not really enjoying The Grimoire much, so I'm not sure we'll continue with it. We're likely to keep getting Beowulf, though.

And that actually brings me to the end of this month's regular comics. Not much in the merchandise sections. There's a Green Lantern statue that hubby-Eric probably won't get on page 486, and I'm interested in Eco Fluxx on page 505, because Fluxx is a cool game. I admit that the searchable CD of the Overstreet Price Guide (533) looks like a useful tool to have as well. But there's not much else of interest back there.

And so, back to the front of the book.

Dark Horse is up first. Revelations looks intriguing, but due to money concerns, it's not gonna happen this month. So back to the usual... Conan #19, maybe Clone Wars Adventures vol 4, and Usagi Yojimbo #86.

Ok, here's a new twist. My Previews magazine this month jumps from page 32 to page 97. There's nothing in between and no sign that there are pages missing. For part of my Dark Horse hunting and much of DC books I'm going to have to rely on on-line sources.

Image Comics (129-175) has the return of Ant in a new on-going series that apparently picks up where the mini left off. I have mixed feelings on this one. A large part of me wants to get it, but there's the small part of me that's all too aware of our money issues... and so it probably won't make the list. We will be getting Noble Causes #13, Hero Camp #4, and The Pact #4.

Marvel Comics (178). Let's see... Amazing Spider-Man #523, Shanna, The She Devil #7, Wha... Huh?, Powers #14, and Supreme Power #18. That's quite a list, actually.

So let's finish with DC Comics, mostly missing from my copy of this month's Previews.

Batman: Gotham Central looks slightly interesting, with a Teen Titans crossover. It looks like it will explore the concept of what happens when a vigilante with an unknown identity dies. Other than that, nothing of interest.

Superman: There's a new Supergirl title in town, but I certainly won't be getting it.

DC Universe: Aquaman #33, love the cover, HATE the solicit. Hopefully the solicit was written to be very misleading. Other probables: Birds of Prey #85, Day of Vengeance #5, DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #3, DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #4, Green Arrow #53 (though we might drop GA), Green Lantern #4, Justice #1, JLA #117, JLA Classified #11, JSA #76, Legion of Super-Heroes #9, JSA Classified #2, Outsiders #27, Rann-Thanagar War #4, Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy #3, Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #4, Solo #6, Teen Titans #27, Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2005, and Villians United #4. I'd love to get DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories, but money matters might make that impossible.

Johnny DC: The Batman Strikes! #12 and Justice League Unlimited #12.

Other: Astro City: The Dark Age #3 and Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere #3.

And that's the lot. All of this month's "Things in Previews That Look Interesting But I Can't Afford To Get (with a list of things I am getting just for contrast)". Comments? Questions? Did I miss any really cool books that you know about and would like to point out? Do you disagree with something I wrote, and want to correct me? There's the comments, right below. Post something. And, yes, I accept review copies. I'm willing to give almost anything a try.