Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Random Thoughts

Have a Moon Day Party!. Today is the day man first set foot on the moon! Also check out Google Moon, and be sure to zoom in all the way.

Phil Foglio has started to post his Comicon Report. Not to be missed. Follow the links for fun.

Ian Brill on the con. The Beat on the con.

Trailer for Wicked.

Jessa gives Book Reviewers advice on how NOT to review comic books at Included in the advice: "They’re not just for kids anymore" is not an original, interesting, clever or even remotely intelligent opening statement. and Declaring in your review that the comic book is the first you’ve ever read automatically discredits anything you have to say. I think this article should be required reading for anyone who intends to write a comic book review. Via Bookslut.

Case in point: Holy Homework! is a really dumb headline to an otherwise fairly interesting article, even if the opening line is wrong.

Augie has more links for us, including things that only happen in the movies and cartoons showing how movies should have ended.

Boing Boing talks about elephant poaching and discusses evolution. As far as I can tell, all the commenters are saying the exact same thing, but some of them don't understand each other. *sigh*

How to Become a Film Critic.

Make Howl's Moving Castle out of paper.

Square America preserves old photographs as a snapshot of history.

Vinegar Boy. This one is hilarious, and I found it worth skimming all the way through the full nine pages.

Mark Evanier on Costco.

The Liberal Disease. "It's called fairness."