Saturday, March 05, 2011

Emerald City Comicon Day Two - Saturday

The crowds were staggering. At times, I heard people comment that it reminded them of the worst of San Diego. Only two things missing. One is the massive media booths that dominate San Diego and the other is that the focus is still on comic books. And that's enough. For now.

I spent pretty much the entire day either walking the floor getting pictures or resting in booth 1007 (Sequential Treasures, get the limited edition Transformers 25th anniversary print tomorrow, last chance!). I did manage to get five sketches to finish off my husband's Oz/Green Lantern sketchbook, and I will be posting images here as soon as I have access to a scanner and the energy to scan them. I will say that the final image is just AWESOME, and it's by a new favorite artist, whose work you can see here. Should I ask her for an Aquaman sketch in my Aquaman sketchbook as well, do you think?

As for Torvald, he got 81 pictures with people, which I'll post as soon as I can get them cropped, labeled, and resized. As always, if you are in a Torvald picture and want an original, please contact me either in a comment on this post or through e-mail if you are clever enough to locate it.

In other news, I was able to take another Torvald picture of Experiment Number One of the Foglios, and he's growing up to look a lot like his dad. I also started off Cheyenne Wright's daughter with a Torvald picture, and maybe we'll have a chance to see her grow up in Troll images as well!

I apparently bought Brent Spiner's Tagalongs from a gal selling Girl Scout Cookies. Rather, I got to them first, and when she went to sell to Spiner, he had to settle for Do-si-dos. I also had a very very brief run in with Bruce Boxleitner on the floor of the con. I saw him, and said "SCARECROW!" He glanced at me, and I smiled and walked away as did he. However, that was a childhood dream taken care of. I loved that show.

I did end up buying a book from this fellow, as he had an adventure set in ancient Mesoamerica, Lords of Death and Life. C'mon, I'm a sucker for that background. He had me with the cover alone. Then he went and drew a sketch of Quetzalcoatl in it for me! Totally rocking.

Saw a lot of friends, made new ones, had fun. It was a great con, as usual. I collected a stack of business cards from people I trolled, and I'm going to try to make sure I link back to the websites of Torvald's friends. If you have been trolled and want me to add a link, please drop me a comment to let me know.

And lastly, I swear to you I am not stalking Aquaman:

Aquaman drinks Tullys


Carolyn said...

Wow! Looks like you and Torvald had a great time..wish I was there..

Jonathan L. Miller said...

I can't believe how many people were there! I spent the first hour or so in a state of people overload before I managed to relax a little and enjoy myself. Got four Doctor Who sketches (include an amazing Chris Eccleston/Rose from Colleen Coover) and am so very, very tired. Sorry I missed you this year. :-( But in that kind of crowd...

David Oakes said...

"I am not stalking Aquaman".

You should have that made into a shirt.

Unknown said...

The aquaman was Mike Burkhalter, a friend who is a really big super hero fan. I will tell him you liked it.