Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Random Thoughts

Statler & Waldorf From The Balcony. This time they tackle Dukes of Hazzard. With guest appearance by the Swedish Chef.

Speaking of the muppets, there's a full review of The Muppet Show, Season One DVD set on Muppet Central. There are some problems... five episodes were edited because of music licensing problems. What are the odds that somebody digitizes those missing bits from old VHS copies so people can pirate them anyway?

Crisis/Boring Change tells us about crossovers. I have a similar rant that I originally wrote in 1998 up on my blog, in which I compare crossovers to sandwiches.

The Beat has Wizard World photos.

A Mary Sue character is also know as a "self-insertion" character, where the author writes him or herself into an existing property at the same level of skill and importance (or more) than the heroes of the show. Usually in fanfic, it sometimes slips through to professionally published novels. And here's a piece that describes the phenomena in a very amusing matter. Via the Girl Genius Mailing List.

Kevin Melrose points us to some movie posters for The Brothers Grimm. I have to admit, I'm actually kind of curious about this movie.

The makers of the Da Vinci Code movie are considering changing a few things, so as not to offend. *sigh* Why are Catholics so threatened by this book? It's not even a great book, just a fun little read.

I checked out V For Vendetta from the library, and read it over the weekend. I'm not going to review it here (I need to have a few things I just enjoy), but it did cause me to think. Johnny B then directed me to an annotations website which had a couple of things I didn't know about on it. JB is going to review it, so watch his blog.

What happens when someone writes up Cliffs Notes on a current song? Via bookslut.

Christopher Reeve's widow has lung cancer.

Discovery is home, safe.

Brat Camp doesn't appear to work: example 1, example 2. Via Augie, as usual.

What is Hotlinking, and why is it bad, and how can I stop it?

Very strange, but not illegal. Why there is interest in the adopted children of a high profile dude in politics.

Still on my review list: Entourage and Takuhai. I'm nearly caught up! And new comics aren't out until... oh. Tomorrow. Son of a fuzzy elephant! It's neverending.