Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rapid Reviews - 10 August 2005 - Part II

Samurai: Heaven & Earth #4: "Lords and Ladies": We are definitely getting near, as Shiro is very close to finding his lost love. The art on this book is great. And this issue is possibly the best so far, in terms of storyline intrigue. A good read. 3 starfish

Noble Causes #12: Another roller coaster ride issue. I'm still not convinced that I know what happened. I may just have to read it again. This one doesn't end on a cliffhanger, at least not a short-term one. Maybe not as good as the last few issues, but still a very strong book. 3 starfish

OZF5 Gale Force One Shot: The first few pages, done in sepia tones, are almost unreadable. The text was just too similar to the colors of the page. Fortunately, that changed as soon as Dorothy got to Oz. Now... this is really different. It's not your normal Oz book by a longshot. You pretty much need to be familiar with the original story to follow some of the action in this one. It's funny, which I think is the goal, and the character designs are very original (why is the lion wearing a kilt?). Take it with a very hefty sense of humor, and it's not too bad. note: hubby-Eric describes this as an Oz-Elseworld. 2 1/2 starfish

True Story, Swear To God #14: "Ni Uno Mas": Oh man. Someone was asking the other day if any comic books had ever made you cry. Well, yeah. A couple. And this is the latest one. I was in tears the moment I saw Lily crying. I just lost it. Her essay was amazing, but seeing her cry, there on the comic book page, broke the dam. She was afraid she was about to lose what she loved most, and I saw it, right there. Wow. Tom, you are amazing. 4 1/2 starfish
And just a note, I really need to get the entire series for my non-comics reading friend who is originally from Puerto Rico. Particularly this latest issue. I think she'd love this. I just wish I could afford to buy another set for her!
And another note: this issue is just about as close as I've ever come to giving a book 5 starfish.

And that's all of this week's comics! Now what am I going to stress about? Oh yeah... Flipping through Previews. Nevermind.