Monday, November 14, 2005

Aquaman Attacks

DC has released their previews for books shipping in February 2006. I'm not sure what to say about Aquaman #39, except that it feels like we're just waiting to see what the new Crisis does to the DCU. I wonder when the regular books are going to do the year ahead jump. And until it happens, it seem like everything that happens is just... well, nothing.

Anyway, to see the full DC solicits for books shipping in February, you could go to DC Comics, or Newsarama, or even Comic Book Resources. I supposed I need to go through and give some thoughts...

A couple of Bat-books are ending, as is Wonder Woman, and also Flash (which ended last month). A recap of Earth-2 Superman's life is running through the Superman books. Oh joy, an Infinite Crisis Secret Files. Just what we need. Ug. Moving on, Birds of Prey is a fill-in issue. Hmmm. All lot of other titles seem to be finishing up arcs, which fits with what DC said would happen. New episode of Justice, and new Solo. Warlord starting up. Justice League Unlimited is featuring SPACE CABBY!!!!!! Ok, that makes up for all the rest.

Right. Moving on... the Aquaman website has been updated. If I get the energy and will, I'll try to update the rest of the page. In the meantime, I'm going to avoid updating this blog every time I hear new Aquaman news, but I will update the Aquaman website. I'm pretty happy with the way the blog and website merged. Ok, I spent all afternoon on it, but I'm still happy.