Monday, November 14, 2005

Morning Linkdump (with opinions)

Newsarama has more on the Aquaman Pilot, this time including some new tidbits of information from Variety. Included in the tidbits is the fact that Greg Beeman will direct the pilot, it will be set in the Florida Keys, and the Bermuda Triangle will be an active part of the stories.

Reading the Variety article, the Slanguage link says that Aquaman is a "put pilot": A deal to produce a pilot that includes substantial penalties if the pilot is not aired; a virtual guarantee that a pilot will be picked up. In other words, the odds of Aquaman becoming a series just went WAY up.

UPDATE (11:30 am): Popwatch, an Entertainment Weekly Blog, is asking readers for their casting choices for Aquaman. The blogger, Gary Susman, suggests Eric Christian Olsen with poor Pat Duffy playing Aquaman's father. *sigh* Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

UPDATE (3:15 pm): I'm probably going to have to post multiple times each day with new Aquaman news, and this isn't really the place for it, although I don't have a problem putting the news here too in daily summaries as part of my random thoughts linkdump posts. So I've created an Aquaman news blog and embedded it in my Aquaman Website. You can read it there, or via RSS here, or on the plain blog here.

UPDATE (6:45 pm): has updated, reformatted, and added a Spoiler Page. At the moment, I recommend visiting the site for more current information than I'll be able to provide.

Comic Book Wife weighs in on the Aquaman pilot news. The Beat weighs in on the Aquaman pilot news.

Aquaman on retroCRUSH. I can tell they used my website for a little research. And not just because they linked to me, although that was a big hint.

Some new tidbits of DC news from Newsarama. In particular, note the maximum price for the upcoming 52 book. I won't be able to get it at $3 a pop.

Jeff Parker has some Holiday artwork from an upcoming special.

Ethan Van Sciver has horror stories of flying from Wizard World Texas.

Animated Hellboy Blog. Hmmm, do I want to read this... am I interested enough?

The Museum of Hoaxes reports on a bit of a "hoax" from Snopes.

Lots more about Sony's attempt to destroy their customer's computers: here, here, and here. Full Timeline.

Yet more vote fraud in Ohio. In short, Diebold has completely taken over the voting system there, and nothing will be elected or voted in unless Diebold approves. Congrats, Ohio! You are the first completely corporate controlled state!

On a more serious note, it's absolutely clear that the 2005 Ohio election was tampered with. And the prime suspect is Diebold, the same company that promised Bush Ohio's electoral votes in the 2004 election. The more I learn about the fraud in Ohio, the more I'm convinced the Bush did indeed steal the 2004 election. I only hope that proof is found during my lifetime, and the criminals who did it are convicted and punished.

Elections should be open, conducted transparently. There should NEVER be any top secret software involved in elections. If you vote on a machine that doesn't make a human readable paper copy, you are throwing away your vote to whoever made the machine. More here.

Jesus Would Be Ashamed Of You, a site that points out just how lacking in Christianity many people who call themselves "Christian" are. Via FilkerTom.