Monday, November 14, 2005

Rapid Reviews - 2 November 2005 - Part II

Conan & The Demons of Khitai #2: "Brothers In Arms": More of Conan goes to Japan, er, excuse me, Khitai. Naturally, I liked this story. I can't seem to get enough of samurai tales, and throwing Conan into the mix just makes it even better for this novice Conan fan. A fun story that's shaping up to be very interesting. 3 starfish

Beowulf #5: Even though I dropped this book ages ago, the issues that I pre-ordered are still coming in. This latest is the same as the last. The artwork does nothing for me, although the story is mildly interesting. It would be far better with more story-telling oriented art. A slight disappointment. 2 starfish

Opposite Forces Vol 2 #3: Again, I read this story already once in B&W when it first came out, so this is all familiar. I think it reads better with color, just because the art is a style that benefits from coloring. A good issue of a good book. 3 starfish

Powers #14: Now that was an unexpected twist. Actually, there was more than one twist in this story. As usual, the most unpredictable, vulgar, and fascinating book about superheroes out there. Well worth a look if you are a superhero fan looking for something a bit different. 2 1/2 starfish

Lullaby #1: The first issue of the... um, ongoing? I don't know for sure. I do know that the art is the same as the mini... crowded and hard to follow. The storytelling is just tolerable. The story itself only interests me in as much as they are supposedly headed to Oz. As long as the clash of fairy tales is kept up, this might stay interesting. I wish I liked this more, but I'm not really finding it that good. 2 starfish

Oz: The Manga #5: "Search for the Wicked Witch": With three issues left to go, I'm taking bets on whether or not this adaptation will go all the way to the end of the original book, or if it will follow the path of most adaptations and stop at the Emerald City. I think, that with the events in this issue, there is enough time to hit all the points of the book. Eric isn't so sure. What do you think? 4 starfish