Friday, December 09, 2005

Post-Aquaman News Linkdump

Linda Medley announces that "Previously announced plans to relaunch the CASTLE WAITING series in 2006 have been cancelled." Aw, spit.

Cheyenne Wright, colorist on Girl Genius, has done a T-shirt for Alton Brown, and is scheduled to make three more.

Sidewalk chalk of a Batman Climb. Via Tom Peyer.

The Onion does it again.

I'm with the folks who think it's just a leaf.

The Christmas Story as re-enacted by bunnies.

The Lion, The Witch, And the really foul candy. Slate takes a look at Turkish "delight".

A neat floor chair for the parents of toddlers.

OS-tans. Um. Ok. Thanks, Garrett.

There is a new symbol for the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement. The "Red Crystal" has been added as a religiously neutral symbol. I don't know, I'd personally be more inclined to call it the "Red Diamond" myself. I think I'll stick with the Red Cross, as it looks to me like crossed bandages.

The North Pole is on the move. No, not the catastrophic change, just a little wandering, although why it wants to visit Siberia is anyone's guess.

Suspended for speaking Spanish in the hallway at school? What century is Kansas in, anyway?