Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Random Thoughtdump

The Dorothy folks play with the warning generator.

The Beat reports on the ultimate wedding. It's no good if you can't see the groom's face, right? Right?

Misuse of English by Thor and friends.

Attack of the Yeti.

If you feel like listening to a "radio" play: Girl Genius Minor Heroes Part 2.

You never know what cool little facts will turn up on the Girl Genius mailing list.

Pirates of the Caribbean

MetaFilter directs folks to the Doctor Who Cuttings Archive. And, if you haven't seen it already, the BBC Doctor Who site has a teaser for the Christmas episode.

I want.

Do you need a passport photo? Make your own.

The Spriggan Mirror will probably be taken down very soon, as the physical book and some other options of e-book are going to become available. If you were thinking about reading it, now's the time. The experiment was a big enough success that Watt-Evans will be continuing the Ethshar series in the same way in the future.

More on Sony: An uninstaller is finally released, a musician editorializes about the rootkit, another attempt to warn people is made, and don't use the uninstaller redux.

No XMas For Sony

FilkerTom Reminds Us.