Sunday, January 01, 2006

First Random Thoughts of 2006

I was at the Wizard of Oz New Y'Oz party last night, and the folks started talking about the fact that everyone is aging, and perhaps we should all end up in the same retirement home. That made me think of this song.

Speaking of Tom Smith, he has a great post about DRM and working musicians.

Via Elayne, a rabbit travels through the history of movies. Yes, it's an ad. But it's a COOL ad.

Ever wondered how snails cross gaps in boards? Wonder no more.

Johnny B's NFL Predictions. Seattle's game didn't matter, but I was still a bit disappointed when they lost.

Aquaman on domestic spying.

More on Copyright and DRM: Canadian Poll asks the wrong questions, Sony's rootkits were illegal, and Texas sues Sony.

Lessons learned in Katrina provide practical and tested advice on how to survive a disaster. While this is written for businesses, I think everyone can glean a bit of knowledge from this one.