Saturday, January 07, 2006


Yay. The Comic Treadmill included me in "Nine ladies blogging" of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Dorothy gets more praise.

Johnny B's NFL Playoff Picks, for the first week of playoffs.

The Modulator directs us to tax advice for 2006.

Another story for my in-laws: Missing Pug triggers DNA tests.

After a boy was accused of a felony for suggesting that fellow students hit "refresh" to slow a website, the site crashed when Fark, Digg, and Slashdot linked to it.

Yup, this about sums it up. *sigh*

The latest on Sony and DRM: Law student files claim against Sony, Canadians sue Sony, and More on Coldplay's DRM.

Jack London took pictures of the devastation after the 1906 SF Earthquake. MetaFilter has the links. Wow.