Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random Bits

Video of the Giant Pacific Octopus "attacking" a remote controlled submarine. It looks like a nice little curious investigation that freaked out the controller of the sub.

A piece of malware that is shipped and installed with a bunch of games has triggered a boycott, and when Boing Boing reported on it, the makers of the malware threatened to sue Boing Boing. Go look at the games list and make sure you don't buy any of them.

Sleepless in Seattle recut as a horror film. It works surprisingly well.

Do you need some graph paper? Go here and generate your own graph paper in handy PDF formats.

And, speaking of PDFs, are you irritated by how slowly Adobe Acrobat Reader loads files? Go get the Free FoxIt PDF Reader and never wait 5 minutes for a PDF file to show up again. I've found that it works particularly well in Firefox when combined with the PDF Download Extension. I set the PDF files to go to FoxIt and everything loads super-fast.

Oscar Nominations. I'm as interested in these as I was in the Razzies.