Monday, January 30, 2006

Random Thoughts

Here is a cute picture of a pug for my in-laws to enjoy. I'll note that the picture came from a pug blog.

Colleen Doran has a great story about a convention she attended.

Warped Wisdom from Viginia Hey (the blue woman on Farscape).

The Razzie Nominations have been announced. Lucky me, I haven't seen most of the films mentioned in the nominations.

Last Kiss Comics went Seahawks crazy this week. heh.

Wreck this subway car! "The council in Amsterdam has issued a call for vandals to attempt to trash a prototype of the city's new subway car, which is intended to be proof against even the most determined wrecker. Amsterdam's public transit vandals are the source of perverse pride among the municipal government there, which regards them as the toughest and most extreme vandals in the world." heh.

Alternate to Oil. I just wish there was a massive, countrywide initiative to get refineries up and running and stations delivering the new fuel. Or we could just follow Brazil's example and let the market do the work. Oh, just go read the article. It's all in there.

You Break It, You Buy It? No, they are forgiving the museum-goer who tripped on a shoelace and broke three Qing dynasty Chinese vases. Ouch.

Could obesity be caused by a virus? Don't laugh. Oh, all right, laugh away. I sure did, and I'm fat. The next question then becomes, is there a cure? If it is true, it would explain a number of my friends who simply cannot lose weight no matter how much they exercise or diet.