Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts

Anyone who has written about Lea Hernandez recently, and the whole flap about her "leaving comics", needs to immediately go read this, and then fix any errors you may have made in the writing. Blogs are supposed to be self-correcting, right? So correct, already.

Right, more about Lea from the first-person here, here, and here, where the misunderstanding of what Lea is talking about apparently comes from. See, you cannot be a woman who reads comic books and not see what Lea is talking about. And I know there are men out there who get it as well.

If I write more about this particular subject, it will bring up memories I'd rather forget and make me hate comic books for a few weeks, so I'll drop it now. But when you combine Lea's articles with Colleen Doran's post about a similar subject, it becomes very clear that the comic book industry has a long way to go before it really grows up.

As a bumper note here, The Beat points us all to When Fangirls Attack, a linkblog on the subject of women in comics, as readers/characters/creators.

On to more amusing subjects, Dilbert gets trapped in his own comic strip, and it quickly turns into a Wizard of Oz pastiche. Follow the Sticky-Note Road!

I don't like linking to eBay auctions, but this one has a Batman newspaper strip with Aquaman guest starring. I would VERY MUCH like to read all the Batman strips, particularly the ones with Aquaman. I won't be bidding on this page, but maybe it's time to find out when and where the Batman strip ran and start hunting down microfilm of it. This is the second time a Batman strip featuring Aquaman has shown up on eBay that I've spotted.

1968 Oct 20 Batman Strip
Does anyone know if the strips were ever collected? That would be easier than microfilm.

The Beat says the Sony Reader is Manga friendly. Of course, I'm still boycotting Sony for the rootkit debacle, so I won't even say I want one of these.

Aaron Williams writes a Spider-Man story.

Rashy got his Tank. (See here)

An amazing story of a Deaf Man listening to Bolero.

Scary math-related page of words that can be spelled using Chemical Symbols. I think my name (my real first name) can be spelled in chemical symbols... Lanthanum Uranium Radium. And my husband is Erbium Iodine Carbon. Via Querldox.

Ok, maybe I will watch the Oscars.

Boing Boing reports on the narcolepsy drug that has been banned.