Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rapid Reviews - 1 February 2006 - Part I

Might as well get started on last week's reviews...

Outsiders #33: "Deep Impact": In lots of spots, this story simply didn't make any sense. The ending was completely odd. The rest of the story was somewhat clever, but a little too convoluted. 2 starfish

Detective Comics #816: "Victims": Something about the art really appealed to me in this issue. The story was fairly standard, but the art just made this book. This one gets half a starfish more just for the art. 3 starfish

Aquaman #39: "The End Has No End": Very disjointed story. I had some nits, which I posted about on other forums, but I was overall satisfied with the way it left everything open. We will see Arthur Curry again. There are some mysteries left to solve. How does Mera go from the surface back to Atlantis? (this wouldn't have anything to do with the destruction of magic, now, would it?) What is happening with Aquaman's mystical hand? Was that seahorse thing foreshadowing? What's going to happen to Lorena? Did Manta survive? We know that Busiek asked Arcudi to put a few things into this issue... but we have NO idea what bits were added by request. I'm definitely eager to see where the mythos of Aquaman goes from here. 3 starfish