Friday, March 30, 2007

Con Tomorrow!

I'm currently running around like a ... well, I'll think of a suitable metaphor once I have time to think... but I'm preparing for the Emerald City Comicon. In addition to gathering up my various bits and bobs (Torvald the troll, Aquaman sketchbook) I'm also trying to push myself into what I've called for many years "con mode". As I'm a severe introvert, and crowds drain me of energy, I have to move into a different attitude just to survive a convention.

The current plan is for myself and my (not-twin-but-you'd-be-fooled) sister to attend the con tomorrow together. I plan to stay the whole day, but we may end up leaving a little early since my poor sis has to go to work Saturday night. On Sunday I will be attending with hubby-Eric. At the moment I plan on wearing Aquaman t-shirts both days, no dress up (although I considered it in honor of Leah). I'll have my con bag, the troll, and my sketchbook. I also plan on wearing a lanyard with my "business cards" in it.

Laura's Con Bag

While I'm not certain where I'll be at any one time, your best bet to find me is probably to drop by the Illusive Arts booth (#505), buy Tony Loco and Dorothy, and ask if they've seen me. I'll probably spend at least a couple of hours during the con helping at the Illusive booth, and I might also be hanging out with Hungry Tiger Press (booth #711) at some point. But those folks won't always know where I am. I plan on being very mobile as long as my legs hold out.