Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Free Comic Book On-line. Have I mentioned that I love it when publishers do this?

Heidi wants you to come up with ideas on how to promote a blog at a comic book show.

Speaking of marketing blogs, I just updated my own "business card" with artwork by the wonderful Jeff Parker (Thanks again for permission, Jeff! Everybody go buy The Interman now). I'll be handing out my wonderful collectible cards tonight at the Tad Williams signing and at the end of this month at The Emerald City Comicon. Highly limited, special edition! Available only from me!

Mike Sterling has more on evil comic shops.

Bully points out that the media has no spoiler warnings.

More on Dan Vado and creator's rights and publishing comic books.

Another article on how modern comics are too dark and serious, which is why they have no audience. That's why I'm suggesting everyone pick up Aquaman #50, which has a lot of humor as well as a tapestry of a plot that uses neat threads from every era of Aquaman to create the start of what I hope will be a very popular time for the book. C'mon, it's got TOPO in it, how bad can it be?

Women like 300.

Wil Wheaton starts posting his William Shatner story.

Michael Jones slams Penguins. I have seriously considered starting a "penguin blog" in which I would show off my numerous stuffed penguins, link to penguin related sites, and enthuse in general about penguinicity. But I've already got too much on my plate as it is, so that idea hasn't gone beyond the "hey maybe" stage.

Yay! Another extinct species rediscovered. Huzzah!

Variety looks at box office numbers and Boing Boing points out the obvious.

I remember Sambo's Restaurant. I remember wondering why it suddenly disappeared.

Colleen Doran summarizes The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Hit and Run tackles The US Copyright Office destroying Internet Radio by imposing extra fees on them, fees that over-the-air radio doesn't have to deal with.

Canada and Japan have very positive images.

Maybe that's because In Canada, Cats Grow On Trees.