Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back From The Con, No Foolin'!

I'm back! I'm gathering my notes around me and trying to reconstruct my con experience into a few pithy entries for your reading pleasure. Ha. In the meantime, I trolled an awful lot of people in the last two days. I promised there would be a nice entry up here leading to the troll pictures, so here it is! Of course, this year's images aren't quite up yet, I'm still working on them...

Travels With The Troll

Of special note: Matthew "Feedback" Atherton suggested I should make a button or something that says "I've Been Trolled!" with a link to Torvald's website. In the future, I will definitely do that so folks will have an easy way to see their troll image. Also amusing was Ron Randall, who asked me if I was patrolling. No, Ron, you were the first to come up with that, but I'm going to use that in the future... Tegan and Torvald are out patrolling the con.

One last thing, if you've been trolled, either at this con or in the past, and want me to put a link to your website with your picture, please either e-mail me (link in the sidebar) or drop a comment here on or on the troll page. I'm glad to link to anyone who's lucky enough to have been trolled!