Monday, April 02, 2007

Catching Up Lunk Dimp

Still trying to get through all the usual 'netting that I missed during the convention. Poor hubby-Eric is very sick, as well. I've thrown together a handful of links, and if I've got the energy I'll do a real Ripples Through Time tonight as well. I'm also working on my con reports.

Dorothy Temporary Tattoo status: Still mostly intact after two full days.

CBR reports on Emerald City Comicon.

Chris Diverts Us.

On Harassment.

I wouldn't mind this fate.

Dell offering LINUX. I still keep meaning to move over to LINUX, or at least dual-boot for a while to try it.

Hugo Nominees. I've actually seen four of the five "Dramatic Presentation, Short Form" noms. I'm rooting for "Girl in the Fireplace".

Aaron Williams has some good links, especially the How To Make A Simple Motor one. I also like the fish in the Deep Fryer, as also seen on Boing Boing, with more explanation.

Don't be a Chump. Don't give in to the RIAA.

April Fool: Gmail Paper.