Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey, More Links

Still trying to catch up...

Fighting Spam and digitizing books. Check out reCAPTCHA, including the ability to start adding words too.

Keith Topping's Doctor Who Fan Phrasebook Part 2.

Ah, funny ads. But even better than the ads themselves was the coverage on the local news station, that decided to make their own "overreacting weather reporter". It was great.

School Libraries. I don't know about other folks experiences, but my High School library sucked pretty hard. I spent hours in both of my Middle School and Elementary School libraries, but only entered the High School library when required.

Roomba owners love their robots. But then, I name my cars and computers, so I can't really talk.

LEGO Endless are very cool.

Sputnik - One Man's Dream. Also, read Laika by Nick Abadzis if you can. It's excellent. Checked it out from the local library.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #123, Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #124, Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #125, and Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #126.

Wil Wheaton talks about an asteroid.

Handbags of Horror. Expensive and Ugly.