Sunday, October 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

Lots of links from the land of catch-up...

Yay! More Wallace and Gromit on TV!

The Top 10 Scientists who Committed Suicide.

The Appendix isn't so useless after all.

Colleen Doran on the Schultz biography.

The Library of Congress uses the Wizard of Oz to Promote Literacy. Cool.

Do you sort of want to keep people off your lawn, but more just want to have a fun excuse to set up an automatic spray system? Here's the site for you.

Sewing Machines Turn Drudgery Into Pastime!

The rule of thirds using Photoshop. I'm not sure I entirely understand it, but there's some photographic truth there that I almost grasp...

The Life and Death of Jesse James, an internet love story with guest hero Harlan Ellison.

Parents are critical to the success of their children in school. Without parents, teachers cannot accomplish much.

Simon Pegg as Scotty??!??? I just cannot wrap my head around it. Sorry.

How to Wash Your Hands.

Shipping Containers as Housing. I actually wouldn't mind a shipping container to use as a garage for a second car. I suspect I couldn't afford it.


Chronicle of A Japanese Funeral.

Diversity begins at home, says the creator of Unshelved, as his family is featured in a Seattle Times article.

For the in-laws: Funniest Pug Contest Winner.