Monday, October 22, 2007


This blog is a bit like an onion. I try to peel back the bits that people don't want to read, and put them elsewhere, leaving just the sweet tasty core. But despite my best efforts, it sometimes just stinks. At the moment, things are a bit stinky, thanks to me being about a month behind in my blog reading and linking...

Interview with Eric Shanower.

UFO buzzes Weird Al concert, pilot is then invited on stage by stormtroopers.

A copy of Detective #27 found?

Phil and Kaja Foglio show how it ought to be done.

Brian has a story about Steve Epting and a non-existent contest. Whereas Mark Bagley's contest was real.

The House on the Hollywood Freeway.

The plane can take off. No, really. Unless the conveyer belt is more than just a normal conveyer belt, and can somehow cancel out the force of the jets/props of the plane, the plane will take off. The problem doesn't state that the conveyer belt is magical, though... so the plane will take off.

Dalek Cufflinks.

For the in-laws: Sheldon on pugs.