Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Thoughts

Numb3rs goes graphic... I heard about it first from Colleen Doran, then Wil Wheaton reported that he will have a part in the episode. Wil then reported from the set, which Colleen blogged. And of course, Warren Ellis also put in a thought.

Wake Up Call (for the one or two people who haven't seen this yet):

Via Cute Overload, the full history of Winston, in blog entries.

Haunted Houses on the real estate market... do realtors have to disclose that information?

Kitten Lasers Charging.

Comcast Block Bible Downloads. Yeah, yeah, they are really blocking BitTorrent traffic, but it makes for an impressive headline, doesn't it?

Do you eat your breakfast cereal so slowly that it gets soggy before you finish? Boing Boing has a bowl for you.

The days of BBS and yore, when 9600 baud was fast.

Mmmmmm, Pumpkin Pocky.

And a book to definitely see: 900 pages of Hembeck. Me want.

Doctor Who: Ghost Light in LOLspeak.

Not Safe For Work - Comic on Cancer Awareness is shut down on a university campus.

For the in-laws: Pug Paw Power! and Baroo?