Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Links!

The Colbert Report writers have their own take on the strike.

Reinventing the Book. This is going on my wish list as soon as it's officially announced.

It's about time: The US Army overturns convictions of Fort Lawton soldiers court-martialed in 1944 after riot and lynching.

Bears on the playground.

Bully Reviewed Local, with pictures!

Sputnik in a biscuit tin. I wanna make a satellite!

Lea Hernandez on a robbery and a dog.

The Beat on Barcardi's last round.

Italy wants to register blogging.

Crime Reduction linked to Lead-Free Gasoline. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have reduced the number of people in prison.

I want both of these cable organizers.

Um, Eeeek?

I want an FSM Christmas Tree Ornament (yes, I understand the contradiction), but I'm not about to pay $33 for it. I wonder if I could make one?

So mean, so true (yes, I know a few old lesbians).

Tamora Pierce on Billboards in the background.

I want a cuddle mattress.

Don't try to take DMZ on a plane. Of course, that wasn't the only mistake he made, just the one that's gotten a lot of attention.

Jim hates those awful Visa ads as much as I do!

I wish I had a bunch of money, because I'd get one laptop for each of my nieces and nephews (and one for me to play with too). I'd need at least a dozen.

For the in-laws: attention-starved pug, Prosh Pug, Pug Gut, and Thermomiter Cat.