Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Links

I'd say his name ought to be changed to "Unlucky".

Andy of Owly fame has a return visitor.

Which Power Ring would come to You? I'm an Indigo Lantern, because my compassion knows no bounds, apparently.

Ooooooooh, me want.

Cheshire Crossing Issue 4 is out.

I just like this headline: Missing snowmobilers call 911, all OK. I hope they didn't have to pay roaming charges.

Happy Birthday, Schoolhouse Rock. I love these, even now.

Reading this editorial about cell phone spam reminded me that I got an unwanted spam-ish text message near midnight the other night. I promptly called my cell provider and had them completely disable text messaging for my phone, since I never use it anyway.

Cybil Awards Graphic Novel Finalists for 2007.

Tech review of OLPC XO-1. I still gotta visit my brother and see his.

How about a flu vaccine that works to prevent EVERY TYPE of flu? I'd risk another adverse reaction for the benefit of this one.

[citation needed]

Houseplants that even I could grow? I scoff.

A Barbie fishing rod, with a red plastic worm as bait, and the four-year-old catches a 50-pound fish.

Salman Rushdie Film. I almost want to see it to view the sheer badness of it, as conveyed via this snippet.

Oingo Boingo on the Gong Show. Wow.

The final post of mil blogger Andrew Olmsted.