Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday Linkdump

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #138: Dwayne McDuffie, Jerry Siegel, and Grant Morrison.

As reported by many people, The Library of Congress has put images on Flickr. I haven't even really started to go through them, but they are VERY cool.

Speaking of "reported by many people", it's another dumb Mars claim, but it sure does look like Bigfoot on Mars. Also check out this link for more information on how the image was made.

Hmm. My father used to pay his kids for every A and B they got, but not this much.

For Bujold fans only: The Vorkosigan Script from H***. Do not try to read if you have a weak stomach. Part One and Part Two. I'll confess, I can't read all of it. It's so bad.

The source code to SimCity (the original) has been released to the wild. But what if I just wanna play it?

I missed Blogging for Choice day, but Elayne's entry is worth reading.

What Kind of World Do You Want?

SAT Question Cats.

Pug comic for the in-laws.