Friday, October 10, 2008

BrickCon 2008

I had a hard weekend, as I've never been good with the general public and we had a LOT of the general public out in force that weekend. But I got some good pictures during the down times after and before the public was let in. So I'll let the pictures do the talking (click for larger versions):

There was a lot more I didn't take pictures of, including a fantastic multi-table zombie apocalypse that just was stunning in both originality and the ability to convey gore and zombies with just LEGO bricks!

The shop area was slightly hidden, and we had the worst spot, with horrible light. However, my understanding is that our shop did fine despite a number of setbacks that nearly killed us (like the computer systems not working at all the first day, and having a major glitch on the second, and being understaffed both days, and... I could go on but I'll stop there before I start hurting in memory).

As my bonus for coming over the mountains to help, my boss gave me a 2008 LEGO Advent Calendar, which I will be blogging like last year.

And, dang it, I got a cool BrickCon LEGO nametag, which I've wanted since I first saw them a few years ago. That made up for any number of pains.

Update: Here's a Flickr Search for BrickCon 2008. And here's the Zombie Apocafest in full glory.