Monday, March 22, 2010


Go look at Elayne's Blog and let me know if you see any errors there. I just finished downgrading her classic template to a layout format. And it only took... well, all day yesterday and most of the day today. Good thing I'm between contracts.

Next up: The Aquaman Page, which has an embedded blog.


Steve said...


The sidebar seems very narrow and the stuff that crosses over the white vertical stripe is a bit distracting.

I'm not familiar with the term layouts. Can you share a link that describes what they are and how they are different...



Elayne said...

It's a beautiful thing, Laura - thanks again!

Tegan said...

Steve: I kept the sidebar width from the original template, so that's how it's supposed to look.

Layouts... hrm... Ok, quick history lesson.

When Blogspot first started, they allowed templates in basic HTML. Four years ago, they introduced "layouts", which use CSS and supposedly allow more customization. Layouts use XML and completely different tags, and most importantly, they store part of your code in a database. That last bit was what made me not want to convert, because I prefer being able to test my blog template outside of my blog. This format does not allow that.

Now that Google owns Blogspot, they are moving toward a more uniform code for the blogs they host. The bug they introduced was a step designed to "encourage" users to convert to XML templates.