Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, THAT was Anticlimactic

After all that work on Elayne's blog, which I'm pretty happy with, and all the work it took to convert this blog, I thought the Aquaman blog (which is embedded in the Aquaman Page) would be the hardest of all. Instead, it was the easiest. In some ways it was even easier than converting Eric's Wonderful Blog of Oz and Teacher Blog (although, to be honest, both of those were a snap).

But if I hadn't done Elayne's blog first, I would have had a lot of trouble with it, just as if I hadn't done this blog before Elayne's, I would have had more trouble converting hers. I learned a bit more CSS and a lot more XML along the way. Fun stuff!

And so, it's done. All posts should be accessible on all the pages I actively participate in. Nothing should be hidden by a deliberate bug. And hopefully Google won't decide to radically alter the design again and force me to play catch-up.


Garrett said...

/Google alterations/ *snerk* Where have _you_ been for the past 5 years, Laura? :-)

Tegan said...

Avoiding doing them because I hated the way layouts are designed to take control away from the users.