Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dollar Tomato, Part II

An update on my One Dollar Tomato plant... I've noticed a second one popping up over the last couple of days and it finally burst through yesterday. But this morning I got a bigger surprise when I checked on the pot. A third plant has started to grow!

Tomato Plants
Tomato Plants

Well, this is getting exciting. Three of the five seeds are growing. And I seem to have not overwatered them yet, so my notorious ability to kill house plants hasn't impacted them yet. Will they last long enough to transplant to a bigger pot? Will they grow actual tomatoes? Or will I manage to accidentally kill them? Stay tuned.


Carolyn said...

I have faith in you! :) It's hard not to overwater things I thing. I am always worried that I don't water enough. My houseplants are pretty hardy thank goodness. Don't know how I'd be with garden..though I have housesat and tended a garden and faired ok.

Tegan said...

At the rate these little guys are bursting upwards, I may need to get a pot to transplant them into sooner, rather than later.