Friday, April 09, 2010

The Dollar Tomato

A couple of weekends ago hubby-Eric and I went over the mountains to visit friends and family. My evil twin Lisa took me out to Target on an impulsive shopping trip while we were there, and among the handful of objects I got, I bought a little tomato seed set from the $1 bins. The set includes a tiny pot, a plug of sod, and a little bag of seeds. It's from a company called Buzzy Seeds. The seeds claim to be Moneymaker Tomatoes, Lycopersicon esculentum. I figured that for $1 I had nothing to lose, and might even get something out of it.

As soon as I got home, I followed the instructions and planted the seeds, then put the pot up in the sunniest window of our house. I've been watering it regularly and trying to "keep the soil moist" as the instructions indicate. Today when I checked I noticed that one of the seeds has apparently decided to sprout, and I now have a tiny tomato plant wearing a crown of dirt.

Buzzy Tomato

My track record with plants is VERY poor. I tend to overwater them, and usually end up killing them with overattention. I don't have any idea if this little guy will get to the 3 inches tall at which point I'm supposed to transplant it, but I'm just tickled that the thing has sprouted at all. In fact, just seeing it grow that much seems to have made the $1 investment worth it, to me. Imagine how much happier I'll be if I can actually start a garden someday.


Anonymous said...

My lavenderplant sprouted but I must have overwatered it because it died.