Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Linkdump for a Tuesday Night

The Hero Initiative eBay Auctions. Check out the rubber duckies.

Jesse Hamm draws The Doctor. And all his companions.

Hastings will carry comic books? I've never even heard of the store before reading this article, but there's apparently one about 50 miles away. Still not useful to me.

I don't get it.

Mickey Mouse shills for amphetamines.

Pioneer One, a drama made for the internet, debuts its first episode.

Learn how to make a bunch of Five Ingredient Meals In Under Ten Minutes: a free e-book. Has a few clunkers, but others that I'm willing to give a try.

Um, no. I will not tolerate ads on license plates. The state would have to pay an awful lot to make me accept this lamebrain scheme.

Is There A Link Between Autism and Vaccines?

Slashdot discusses health care and the comments have a lot of interesting things to say about all of it.

Pug puppy for the in-laws.


Denise said...

Hastings=Borders/Barnes & Noble. Spyder told me that they were going to put ALL of their anime videos in the cartoon section.