Monday, July 12, 2010


While out running errands today, hubby-Eric and I ran across some new flavors of M&Ms that we hadn't spotted here before. So here's my thoughts on them...

The first we ran across was M&Ms Limited Edition Coconut Chocolate Candies. These are exactly what the package says. They are coconut M&Ms. And they are pretty darn good... if you like coconut. I can't really compare it to anything else... it's just a coconut M&M. Exactly what you'd expect. They are slightly larger than regular milk chocolate M&Ms, but the same regular shape. Some of the candies are stamped with an M holding an umbrella, others have an M in the center of a flower. The coconut candies are only in white, dark brown, and green.

Coconut M&Ms

Then we found some M&Ms Pretzel Chocolate Candies. Again, these are pretty much what you'd expect. They have a chunk of pretzel in them like the peanut M&Ms have a peanut in the middle. I didn't think I'd like them, but they are actually pretty good. I'm not much of a pretzel fan, but this isn't overwhelming and the chocolate makes the taste work. These are round and about the size of the peanut M&Ms.

I wouldn't go out of my way to pick these up, but seeing them while we were already out and about made them worth checking out.

And, just because I haven't posted it in a long time:

The Continuing M&Ms Challenge

I'm still collecting data for this, and will continue to collect for the foreseeable future, so if you feel like participating, please just:

1) Get yourself a bag of Milk Chocolate M&Ms.
2) Note the size of the bag (in oz or g or both)
3) Open bag. Do not eat any (yet).
4) Count the number of Green M&Ms. Do not eat any (yet).
5) Count the TOTAL number of M&Ms (including green). Ok, you can eat them now.
6) Post the size of the bag, the number of green M&Ms and the total number of M&Ms.
7) FUN!

Note: Counts for other types of M&Ms are welcome, but please indicate what the type is when you post the information. Silliness is fine, but please make sure the data is true. A good replacement for the end of step 5 is to have an M&M tournament to determine the best M&Ms for breeding future generations.

Put your counts in the comments.


David Oakes said...

I felt there wasn't *enough* pretzel. Rather than the salty with a touch of sweet you get from a chocolate coated pretzel, the pretzel M&M's tasted more like you had an air bubble or maybe some stale cocoa in the middle.

I haven't tried the coconut M&M's yet because of this. How would you compare them to a Mounds/Almond Joy?

Tegan said...

I got a salty with a touch of sweet. Strange.

The coconut M&Ms are not real coconut. More like piƱa colada flavoring. If you want a taste of coconut with chocolate candy, this is ok. This isn't for coconut-lovers.

Denise said...

The best way I can describe the coconut M&Ms is that they are a weak variant of a Mounds bar. They may be good as a variant of M&M cookies, though.