Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stepford Plants Update

No progress on the plum stick or the arbor vitae. Both are just... growing. Not fast enough for me to keep any track of, and not enough to take pictures of and be amazed. There's just not enough going on there. We got a sprinkler to water the plum stick with, and that's helped. I also just got a soaker hose for the tomatoes, because to me eternal surprise progress is being made there.

First off, four of the five plants are growing:

One Dollar Tomatoes

While I'm slightly sad that one of the tomatoes isn't improving, when I started this venture I expected nothing at all, so I can't bring myself to be disappointed. Moving on, I noted the other day that there were actual blossoms on the plants. Here's what the blossoms look like.

One Dollar Tomatoes

There are many of them now, on four of the five plants. The two plants on either end of the row are doing the best. And lastly, I noticed a tiny green tomato a couple of days ago. Yesterday I went out and got a picture, and then promptly found another one on the same plant, and yet another one on another plant.

One Dollar Tomatoes

I'm filled with wonder that anything I'm growing is actually blossoming, and may even bear fruit. The moment of truth will be when I can make myself a sandwich and put a slice of tomato that I've grown from seed on it. I'm actually beginning to think that's a possibility now. And all because of an impulse purchase at a Target while out shopping with my sister.


Carolyn said...

Good for you! Fresh tomatoes are the best..

Denise said...

Congratulations, Little Sister!!!! I'm proud of you!!! :-)

David Oakes said...