Friday, August 06, 2010

Doctor Who Day Today

With Doctor Who fans coming to take over our home in just a few hours, I think it's time for some Doctor Who links...

Penguin Paperback-style Doctor Who Novel Covers. Oh, I'd love to see many more of these.

Dalek Birds.

Make your own Doctor Who Cubeecraft toys with the gallery of templates.

Doctor Who Themes from 1963-2010 (over 7 minutes):

The original is still the creepiest and best, in my opinion.


Garrett said...

The story goes that Delia Derbyshire "orchestrated" the theme from the original piano music. When she played it back for the composer, he went, "Did I write that?????"

Garrett said...

My favorite is actually the version they played at the Children in Need concert in 2006. Those horns rocked. :-)