Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Stephen Fry in America: "Mississippi" - Starting at New Orleans, Stephen journeys up the Mississippi river to see what he can see. He experiences Mardi Gras, and the leftover Katrina devastation. A visit to a prison shows him American justice. I liked the visit with Morgan Freeman and his experience with the firefighter training. Then he's in Detroit, and looks at the need for cars in America. Naturally, I'm most interested in when he reaches the West Coast.
  • Being Human: "Series 2, Episode 2" - Not as many odd cuts in this one, but still some. Lots of stuff blurred and blanked. Saul makes me nervous as he gets messages from the TV and newspaper. Mitchell's anger and fear is pretty severe, part of that is his friend who managed to stay "dry" for so long, and part is the possibility of being discovered. Good episode, with a lot of set up.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: "Revenge of the Man Crab" - Ah, Fred has a heart at last. And there was actually a tiny bit of good misdirection in it. Still wonderfully self-aware, but there was also some good developments for the future.

My library book this week was Space Race by Sylvia Waugh. Thomas and his father aren't your normal widower and son, although they live in a small village and appear completely normal to everyone around them. I enjoyed the way this one developed and twisted. Waugh seems to be terribly good at setting up a premise and then tweaking the reader with something that seems to come out of nowhere but makes perfect sense. And she develops characters that are wonderful to read and cool enough that they seem like they would be fun to know. I really enjoyed this book, but I'm a little surprised there are more in the series the way this book successfully wrapped itself up. Still, I may have to put those on inter-library loan and get them... eventually.