Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm very very happy that the next Miles Vorkosigan book by Lois McMaster Bujold has a few chapters up for reading. One of my favorite series, and one of the few that seems to get better as it goes along. Three books in this series make up a trilogy that I reread when the depression gets too much to handle: Memory, Komarr, and A Civil Campaign.

Superman saves family from foreclosure. Of course, then there is the guy who found Ansel Adams negatives at a garage sale.

Comic Con 2010 Interview with Andrea Romano. Well worth watching if only for the bombshell she drops at almost 4 minutes in, and the fact that she loves Aquaman (5 minutes in).

I hate this math trick. It always manages to screw up my brain, no matter how hard I try to wrap my mind around it.


Why do vampires sparkle? Eeeeuuuuuwwwwwwwwww.

Sergey Larenkov takes old photos from WWII and puts them together with pictures taken in the same place in modern day. The results are... ghostly.

This video has been making the rounds as an anti-prohibition vid. I like that they included a person who didn't "sniff the flower" as being part of the group.

Russia is on fire.

Davy Jones' Gym Membership.

LOLCat Theology has Preachers.

Pug for the in-laws, or what pugs really think about.


Garrett said...

Dammit, Laura, why'd you post the link to Cryoburn? I read right through it, and now I'm stuck until November. :-(

Tegan said...

I ended up buying the webscription so I can read it a *little* before November...

Snard said...

The trick to that math puzzle is that it mixes subtracting (subtract $1 from what the men paid) and adding (add the $2 that the bellboy had left over). If you instead *subtract* the $2 the bellboy had left (after subtracting the $3 that he gave to the men), you have $25, which is what you would expect.

The explanation that Snopes gives to the trick only makes it more confusing, in my opinion.

Tegan said...

Oh, I know the trick. I just always manage to twist my brain when I think about it. And yeah, Snopes didn't give a very good explanation. It makes perfect sense to me if I don't read their attempt and just work it out myself.

As a kid, this one annoyed me, though.

Carolyn said...

My Mom is going to Russia next week. It'll be bad breathing, hope she'll be ok.

Although, I must say, it was THAT bad in Prince George last Thursday from the 400+ fires going on in British Columbia. It was said that some of the smoke was probably from Russia too.