Monday, January 02, 2012

Count Your Many Blessing (CYMB) #2

Blessing #2 - My Dad

Now, I'm not cheating here. I did say yesterday that I was blessed with great parents, but that was more about how they work together. Today I'm gonna focus in on my father.

He's a gruff man with a sneaky sense of humor and a grin that lights up a room. He worked very hard all his life to provide for a large family, and somehow he made it through. The burden on his shoulders was great. He worked the swing-shift at Boeing, and he was gone for a lot of my childhood... except for Sundays. He was always there on Sunday to set a good example for his children.

I don't remember him as a big scholar-type, but I remember him reading to us children more than my mom. In fact, I can still recall curling up on his lap while he read big books to us over and over and over again. In fact, I'm not sure how he endured having to read the same books repeatedly. Again, he managed.

There were times I resented him. As a teenager my rebellion was passive-agressive, and there were occasional showdowns and arguments. But despite it all I still loved him. He continues to set an example to me today, even if he doesn't realize it.

I am extremely blessed to have my father.


Kate said...

I have many fond memories of your father (and entire family, for that matter). Thank you for sharing a glimpse of him through your own eyes! :)