Sunday, December 08, 2013

LEGO Advent 2013 Update Two

I meant to continue this during the week, but life keeps getting in the way. At least I know I'll have time on the weekends...

Dec 2nd:

2 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Anyway, last time we met Ed the security guard, who's working the night shift. Fortunately, this particular location he's working at has a nice electric hearth that means he can keep warm despite dropping temperatures outside.

Dec 3rd:

3 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Of course, Ed doesn't like to guard places alone. He usually brings his dog, Snapper. The dog may not look like much, but he's a brute against people who might threaten his human. Snapper is known for snapping his jaws a couple of times at bad guys before snapping the bones of the bad guys, usually the bones in the legs. Snapper has helped Ed quite a bit in the past, which is why Ed has this relatively pleasant job this Christmas.

Dec 4th:

4 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Ed was slightly disturbed at the sight of a snowman when he did his rounds. He didn't recall it being outside when he first went out earlier in the evening, but he had to admit that it was far enough outside his perimeter that maybe he just missed it the first time. Maybe. He adjusted one of the cameras to make sure the area near the snowman was covered, just in case.

Dec 5th:

5 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Near the electric hearth is a barrel of equipment, including an axe, crowbar and some handcuffs. Ed checked around the grounds and found the crowbar leaning on a wall near a door. The axe was under some boards by a back wall. Ed picked them up just in case. After all, it's not really likely that somebody has something planned, right?

Dec 6th:

6 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

This is Doug. Despite the outfit, Doug isn't really a criminal. In fact, he's one of Ed's best friends. They play cards once a week for M&Ms (because Ed always cleaned up if they played for money). Doug, however, is pretty idiotic. And this Christmas he's about to commit one of his most epic acts of idiocy ever. See, he wants Ed to have a great Christmas, so he decided to dress up as a criminal and pay Ed a visit at his job. Doug is really a doofus.

Dec 7th:

7 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Doug decided to start with a picnic table. He waited until Ed went inside and quickly set up the table just outside the range of the cameras.

Dec 8th:

8 Dec 2013 LEGO Advent

Next, Doug tried to set the table. But since Doug's sense of a Christmas meal is slightly skewed by his bachelor status and general inability to cook, the table now has a couple of glasses, a frozen pizza and a couple of legs from a rotisserie chicken.

To Be Continued...