Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I'm empty right now. There's nothing where my heart ought to be. I'm like the Tin Man, only worse. I've got nothing moving, nothing beating. I have no emotions. I'm just empty. Desolate. Cold. I feel like I have been cut off. There's nothing there. There's no one around. I'm reading Facebook trying to find something to get outraged about just so I can feel something, but there's nothing. My heart just isn't reacting. Inkwell knows something is wrong. I wonder if cats can sense the emptiness when it happens. Except I don't really wonder. I don't really care. Because I'm empty.

I think I'd best go to bed. I'll feel bettersomething in the morning.


filmcoopblog said...

Check with a doctor or therapist. It sounds like you have chemical depression. Bad news is it sucks. Good news is it's treatable.

Tegan said...

Yes, I have depression. I'm taking citalopram for it. Every once in a long while when I'm under a lot of pressure, I still have episodes.